AFTER WORK SKI in Kalpalinna & 10 facts about skiing

AFTER WORK SKI -It’s life, fully lived, life lived in a blaze of reality.

A friend of mine Petri Ilmarinen is developing an exclusive ski resort for adults in Finland; Kalpalinna next to Hämeenlinna. They are already open for skiing 5 months a year.

We went there to test it and had a great AFTER WORK Ski event.


  1.  The oldest skis are about 8000 years old and used for transport.
  2.  The first downhill skiing race was in Sweden 1879.
  3.  Skiing is a fast sport – on skis you can exceed the speed of a car.
  4.  You can burn 400 calories / hour while skiing downhill
  5.  350 million people ski every year
  6.  Its been in the Olympics since 1936.
  7.  A piece of wood is the translation of the original Norwegian work for skis.
  8.  There are no ski resorts in the moon.
  9.  Kalpalinna has 15 different slopes and 9 lifts.
  10.  Its only 1 hour drive from Helsinki

Katariina Juselius performed her new hit ”Mikkeli mielessäin” for us. She is gorgeous inside and out. 

You know when some people have this special light in them; my beautiful friends Johanna and Sini  -with a fur hat- were modelling in our AFTER WORK FASHION SHOW.

“A person should have wings to carry them where their dreams go, but sometimes, a pair of skis makes a good substitute.”

The night before was my 52nd birthday. We were preparing for the next days event long to the night and I got my birthday dinner as I had wished it with a beautiful view to the slopes. Its all about with whom.

What I have been taught and learnt; be slow to fall into friendship, but when you are in, continue firm and constant -same with love. One is not born with skis and like snow; sugar and salt are both white.

You might fall multiple times before you stand. Falling doesn’t make you stronger, but hopefully wiser. Cherish the present. Lucky me.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a ski pass.”

In Kalpalinna they have excellent exclusive premises to any family event or business meeting -sauna and even pool on the way.

NEWLAND is an exclusive Italian ski brand and we were honored to show AFTER WORK CLUB members their 2024-2025 coming collection. Left Tii-Eden Tikkanen, Right Annica Salo

Newland from Italy – Luxury Winter Sportswear

Battery PLUS Focus is a sugar-free pomegranate- and blueberry- flavoured energy drink that helps you focus on your performance. The vitamins and biotin added to the Battery PLUS Focus energy drink contribute to normal psychological functions.

In the fashion show we presented Ski clothes from Helly Hansen. T-shirt dresses by Finnish brand Shalmiak  -They produce by order. Eco-friendly production with minimum waste. Everything is made especially for you. 

Casual wear were from PelleP and Lilly. Lilly is a well known multi brand boutique located in Korkeavuorenkatu Helsinki and they carry classical and modern quality clothing for women.

Summer clothes by AmandaB. -is a good reason to travel to sun already in winter.

AFTER WORK SKI:n Show DJ Miika Mansikkamaa led skiers also to dance ”Letkajenkka”. Markku Jurvala is an old dear friend of mine -and with old, I mean I have know him since ages. I used to tell my kids, that if they don’t behave, he will come and feed them porridge and tomatoes.

Markku is an expert with glasses. He works for SYNSAM and we did not only get advice which frame works on us the best but also had the pleasure to present them in the AFTER WORK Fashion Show. My favorite brands in sport sun glasses is Moncler and sun glasses Tom Ford.

Kalpalinna desert table by Tua’s Kitchen.

After Skiing we went to have dinner, party and sleep to the beautiful historical VANAJANLINNA.

Pancakes for breakfast is the best start for a Sunday. We should have stayed 2 nights.

Taira-Julia. My grandmother and her grandmother were best friends, my mother and her mother used to play, and us – I’ve known her always. You know those kind of friendships that you can just continue the same sentence even there would have been years in between. I was so happy that she also came.

Friends are the family you choose.

<3, Tua

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