May the course be with you

There is this belief in Finland, that when you gather 7 different flowers from 7 different fields and when the midnight sun is the shiniest, you put those flowers under your pillow and your dream will show you your future love. Golf, I really hate you sometimes. Oh, a great shot – I love golf!

Sometimes you look for the balls where you hope they are, not where they actually are. Many balls are better to be lost.

We repeat what we don’t repair. Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.

Shoes are by a French shoe brand Laura Vita. Limited edition as well.

Mistakes are part of the game. It’s how well you recover and learn from them, that’s the mark of a good player. Build the future, learn from the past.

Golf is about how well you accept, how you act with your misses much more than it is a game of your perfect shots.  In golf there is always a new round – in life one.

You don’t have the game you played last year or last week. You only have today’s game. Don’t play the same game twice.

If I can’t remember if I shot a six or a seven on a hole, chances are I had an eight on it or nine. But I definitely remember if I made a par.  Its more important to remember the good ones than the bad. And anyway the more you hit, the cheaper every hit gets. And the more you hit the ball to the woods, the more balls you will have in the end of the game. Your longest drive is as important as your shortest put. The mind messes up more shots than the body.

Golf is also about hitting the ball in the center of the club face and hitting it hard. One should play for the par, but mainly enjoy the company.

Nobody asked how you looked, just what you shot. I’ve spent thousands to golf gear and clothing. Would it be smarter rather to spend in learning how to play.. no.. -The game goes any way up and down, but  you are at least  always dressed well. 😉

Nurtured also by nature.

First, best, only one. One day at a time.

Kytäjä Golf is a chosen one; Finland’s Best Golf Course 2022.

Kytäjä Golf offers you a unique golfing experience in a natural Finnish lake and forest environment. Located only 45 minutes from Helsinki Airport, Kytäjä has two award-winning courses, South East and North West. Both were designed by respected Canadian golf course architect Thomas McBroom.
To make your experience at Kytäjä Golf more exciting, you can stay in luxury villas located by the lake near the clubhouse.

Dream/sleep is uni in Finnish. Uni villa with a lake view, nature around; slept better than in months.

Very Finnish like; beautiful nature, sport, healthy food, good company, sleep – felt like a dream vacation.

Happiness is not over rated. Kytäjä -its a place close to my heart. I have spent my 30th birthday there over 20 years ago, lived there shortly 30 years later and now returned to play the game.

Life is not a game, but like in golf you just have to play the ball were it lies. Learning of doing is not always a blessing, but where one stands in the end its all that counts.

Finland is known for  the midnight sun, Santa Claus and happiest people. Nature never goes out of style.

My linen style is from a dear friend of mine Jaana Hyytiä. She runs a clothing business  (Ud Boutique)  in a small town called Paimio. Women drive for hours to visit her store and not only because of the clothing, They drive there because of her. She has extremely positive energy that she shares around.

We rise by lifting others.

Don’t try to find the right person, be the right person.

<3, Tua