SNOW MUST GO ON – Voita 3 yötä Villa Himossa

Sometimes its just the right time; breakfast is not just a start for a new day. Remember, no matter how flat you make your pancakes, they always have two sides. What is done in the dark will come to light. Time has also a way of showing people’s true colors. Orange is the happiest color.

I can buy my own breakfast, write my name in the snow.

A hug is always the right size. And its like a boomerang, you get it right back.

Orange is also the color of truth. Talking to my friend for hours.

Get up to the mountain, so that you can see the world, not so that the world can see you.

Do you know what freedom taste like? Freedom is like oxygen of the soul, freedom is being you without any ones permission.

When you look threw orange colored glasses, even all the red flags look like orange. When life puts you in hard situations. Don’t say why me, say try me. The best way to get over a hill, is to ski down it.

The words are forgotten, the actions are forgotten. The experience remains. Skiing is the best way to waste time.  To ski or not to ski -that is not the question. The best place to ski near Helsinki is Himos.

Hot fashion does not keep you warm, but cold should match your outfit. Over hot, over cold.

I can take myself skiing and I can lean with my own hands. Not all skis can be fixed or are a like.

Sometimes its safer to fell down with skis than in love. Sometimes direction is more important than speed.You can down hill ski slowly, but never back wards.

After a whole day of skiing a sausage by a fire tastes like a delicacy. Make me wonder. How starved can someone be that the heart becomes a meal for ones ego. Don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

She skis like a girl – try to keep up.

When I look back, I could see hills, I could see falls and bruises. But when I look in the mirror, I see strength, learned lessons and pride in myself. Snow must go on.

<3, Tua

Villa Himo -ski in, ski out!

Tule nauttimaan Himoksen loistavista, ympärivuotisista palveluista, Villa Himon ylellisessä miljöössä Himoksen pohjois/luoteisrinteiden alapuolella! Villa Himossa on täysin varusteltu keittiö, viihdehuone karaokelaitteistolla, ulkoporeamme, sauna sekä viihtyisät oleskelutilat, useita vuodepaikkoja unohtamatta.

Varauskalenterin näet Himoslomien sivuilta;   VILLA HIMO

Makuuhuoneita 3, Pinta-ala 183m², Vuodepaikat 12
Voita Villa HIMO kolmeksi yöksi käyttöösi 2023
(arkipäivät, varauskalenterin mukaan, palju, siivous ja lakanat eivät kuulu palkintoon)
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”Mikä on parasta Himoksella ja tägää keiden 2:n kanssa haluat yllelliseen Villa Himoon lomalle?” 
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