I’m so proud of you that it makes me proud of me

Being a mother of teenagers is the same as being a warrior. Sometimes it feels like having the weight of the world on shoulders – if one could just learn to deal with challenges of the moment.

And believe and give freedom. But luckily there is love. And its not just a word, its a mirror.

Then there are dreams. A dream where there has been a Stanley Cup Trophy next to ones bed side since one could skate. Sometimes a name is a burden, sometimes a pacemaker. 

I have done my best in full filling their dreams, giving experiences and possibilities, hugging, loving and yelling.. yes, also made my share of mistakes. Being a parent is so difficult. And how come no one warns you about teenagers? There has been times where I have felt that I have totally failed as a parent,  times where I needed to grow also, but also times where I have totally missed the help. But when I look at them.. I have done a good job and had my family helping through the challenges.

I took my sons to New York as a Christmas present. They had three wishes; a New York Rangers NHL-game, jerseys and  a pair of Nike Air Jordans. Did you know that they might cost thousands? No one can say anything anymore about hand bags.

Quite easy to be ”the best mom in the world”. 😉 And I’m grateful to my friend who was able to upgrade our tickets to great seats as I had bought them originally from the pipe shelf. It was a night my sons will remember.


But it was their first time in New York… so my plan was to see all the must sees as well; like the Central park and art museum.

At least the Apple store didn’t feel like a punishment.

Btw. its often windy and cold in New York, not just on the roof tops.

We walked everyday more than 10 000 steps. It’s the best way to see New York.

You know, being a mom, it’s been the best time of my life.

”And I’m so proud of you that it makes me proud of me.”

Happy Mothers day to all moms.

X, Tua

Home is where your heart is.


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